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Who We Are

1. Compliance with laws and norms
Both nationally and internationally, we will comply with all laws, rules, and ethical norms, understand their intent, and perform fair corporate activities.
2. Earning trust from customers, distributors, and suppliers We will promote free and fair competition, and provide products, services, and curate product information that meet customer needs to earn customer trust. We will also establish trusting relationships with distributors and suppliers based on free and fair business relations for mutual growth.
3. Shareholder and Investor Understanding and Support
We will strive to promote fair and transparent business management, and disclose necessary corporate information timely and appropriately unless otherwise restricted by laws to obtain understanding and support from our shareholders and investors.
4. Respecting an employee’s personality, anti-discrimination and improvement of the work environment
We will respect an employee’s personality and character, and avoid any unreasonable discrimination based upon nationality, race, ethnic, beliefs, religion, gender, etc. We will create working conditions in which each employee has an incentive to work, and can exploit his abilities to the full.
5. Communication with societies
We will be attentive to social demands, and positively disclose required corporate information to widely communicate with societies as a good corporate citizen. We will seek to live together with local communities by participating in activities, which contribute to local development and comfortable and safe lives.
6. Relationship with government and the administration
We will maintain a sound and transparent relationship with government and the administration so as to abide by all relevant laws and regulations and common sense.

Our History